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biovoid about

The italian band biovoid is born in November 2017, cause unpublished new pieces and old chemistry. It brings togheter specific musical intentions, heterogeneous tastes and the desire to shape a new high-range artistic project, where music, words and suggestions can mix together in a unique creative paradigm. The main aim is to create something new, free of any music constrains, regardless each member’s own influences. Writing tracks goes through several approaches, from the old school voice and guitar one to composing music through a purely electronic style.
Individual talent and attention to detail mix with sound and lyrics, real trademarks of the band.
Final result is biovoid.

We are the band, we are biovoid. Here for you.

Massimiliano Guida is a lyricist and the voice of the band biovoid. His approach to music is instinctive, constraintless. In his own creative phase, the only influences he accepts come from the mood he is in. His style draws to those who inspired him over the years with both hands, strictly connected to his taste in music. He tried to grow up his very attitude through Hard Rock, Pop, Metal, and so many different shades, in a continuous and spasmodic search for originality. Proudly, he represents one of the three members of biovoid style.

Domenico Giordano is a guitarist, bassist, composer and founding member of the band biovoid.
His passion has grown through the study of guitar, so he takes particular care of harmonisation and intertwining several melodic lines.
His main artistic points of reference are from Alternative Rock (especially Seattle sound) to Stoner or Nu Metal, never trying to emulate, but being inspired and grateful, craving for something new.
Music, for Domenico, is passion, but also dedication and continuous innovation. In music, he finds the deepest and true and satisfied part of himself.

Adriano Giordano, known professionally as g.i.o.r.d.y, is an italian record producer, audio engineer and musician.
Great enthusiast of electronic music and synthesizers, he joined the experimental electronic rock project biovoid in the late 2017 as engineer, composer and producer thanks to Domenico Giordano’s intuition.
Even though he is not a founding member of biovoid his style and his passion contributed to define the artistic concept of the band.
Adriano is the electronic soul of the musical trio biovoid.

We are the band, we are biovoid. Here for you.